TheaterLive Online® is a small production company fueled by Z-Man Films, Finch Studios, McDuke Media, DJamesFoss Media, Robin "Hood" Bell Promotion & Marketing, Big Mountain Entertainment and Infinite Capture Studios. Theater Live Online® will feature some of the best new staged plays , musicals and dance performances and a variety of mainstream Family shows and kids shows from New York, L.A.  even Paris at the comfort of your own home. TheaterLive Online will collaborate with Theater Companies from around the world to bring you a wide variety of live events as well as the best independent Films and TV shows. TheaterLive Online will soon be on all platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Smart TVs iphones and Android phones Subscribe with our Free Trial to see what we have in store


(Due to Covid 19 we will suspend the live operations until further notice) The content on this site is Independent theater, films and TV shows that we have created and produced ourselves. The money raised from the streaming site helps us to continue our efforts to create our own content the best way we can. We will feature some projects in development which give you a unique look as the project is being created, refined and improved hopefully with your input.

Currently we are embarking on building our biggest project yet, The Motorcycle Channel®. With the pandemic upon us we expect to restart our projects by the fall of 2020. Also in the pipeline is Vampires The Musical®, a theater passion piece we hope will hit Broadway stages once the smoke clears. The developmental stage reading is featured here and will continue to grow forward.

And last but not least Hip Hop High-The Musical® which the stage version is featured on this site is another developmental project that we would like to turn it into a feature film and with your help we can make that possible. If you like what you see in this theater piece , pass the word and maybe, just maybe someone that can help may like what they see and help us get it to Broadway or Hollywood.

Your subscription helps us keep going, we don't have alot to offer but we are willing to show and share the passion that we have created and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Thank you very much for your support 

The TheaterLive Online Team


Stay tuned as we create new streaming sites like The Motorcycle Channel® and Kids In Color TV (coming soon) Urban News Network® and HIP·HOP·TV® are available for you to enjoy right now - click below

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