By submitting your film, we promise to watch it fully and give it a fair chance for inclusion in the festival. If your film is selected for screening at TheaterLive Online® Film Festival here’s what you can expect from us:


  • Your film, TV show or Music video will be seen on TheaterLive Online®  on our segment Film Festival Friday where our viewing audience will vote on thier favorite Film, TV show or music videos. You will be seen immedaitely on TheaterLive Online® 

  • An extremely welcoming and appreciative New York audience that is passionate about Theater, and The Dance Community.

  • Screening of your film in a theatre with high-quality video and audio. More information on the venue can be found here

  • Extensive promotion of your film, and you as the filmmaker, via our website and on all of our social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

  • A landing page for your film on our website with a synopsis, still frame, trailer if available, credits and filmmaker bios. See below as an example.

  • We will undertake a PR marketing campaign to garner press coverage of our festival and your film.

  • If you’re in New York during the festival, there will be an opportunity to participate in Q&A and meet and greet sessions with the audience, attend festival parties and TheaterLive Online® Talks Q&A panel.

  • For attending filmmakers, we will develop a mini press kit and host a media reception event to allow you to connect with members of the press for broader exposure.

  • We will treat you like a member of our extended family; with care and respect.


        How to Submit

       All submissions must be done through our screening partner at FilmFreeway.


hip hop city3web.png
Hip Hop City®

Directors:  Z-Man 

Screenwriter:  Cindy opps, Samantha Galazar, Z-Man 

Genre:  Urban Drama, Musical


In The Heart of a city with no shame lives a high school with no rules. Drugs have become the number one topic and the only thing that stands between logic and chaos is a teacher with a passion for the Arts.


Ms. Lauren – former Broadway star, now inner city High School savior. Her passion is dance, but her heart is music and she’s spreading the wealth to her students. Five time city championship under her belt, she has a goal but not only to win another championship but to save as many kids as she can from the these tough, deadly streets of the hood.


A string of school murder has every one on edge but Ms. Lauren knows that the only way to stop the deaths is to stay off the streets and for her the answers are in the classroom. Right now she has a dilemma because former trouble makers are not only back in town, but they are back in class. Lauren thinks this might be the answer she needs to stop the violence and at least slow it down.